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The American 20th Century

1. An American composer who studied with Nadia Boulanger in Paris and the 20s and came back to America to become famous for his ballet and film music was:
A Aaron Copland
B Samuel Barber
C Gian Carlo Menotti
D Roy Harris
2. An American composer who collaborated with Gertrude Stein, studied with Nadia Boulanger, and came back to America to become a well-know music critic was:
A William Schuman
B William Grant Still
C George Gershwin
D Virgil Thomson
3. Metric modulation is a process by which the tempo changes proportionally as in some 15th century music. The composer associated with this technique is:
A Karlheinz Stockhausen
B John Cage
C Olivier Messiaen
D Elliot Carter
4. After World War II American composers began to look to ____________for patronage.
A the National Endowment for the Arts
B symphony orchestras
C private benefactors
D universities
5. "Third Stream" refers to the mixture of jazz with concert music. All of the following are associated with this technique except:
A Gunther Schuller
B Terry Riley
C Duke Ellington
D George Gershwin
6. 4'33" by John Cage is influenced by Nadia Boulanger:
A True
B False
7. John Cage is associated with all of the following except:
A Eastern religions
B chance music
C the Chinese I Ching
D 12 tone theory

8. All of the following statements apply to minimalism except:
A Short motives are repeated many times with subtle changes along the way.
B Melodies are arch shaped.
C Music can combine electronic sounds with traditional performances.
D Some elements of randomness and chance can occur.

9. The 20th century American composer who followed closest to the footsteps of Puccini was:
AAaron Copland
BSamuel Barber
CGian Carlo Menotti
DGeorge Gershwin

10. Music that incorporates elements of earlier styles is sometimes referred to as__________. George Rochberg's Nach Bach is an example of this type of composition.

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