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Music in the Ancient World

1. All of the following are examples of early Greek music except:
A Hymn to Mesomedes of Crete
B Two Delphic Hymns ca. 150 B.C.
C Hymn to Athena
D A Skolion or drinking song ca. 150 B.C.
2. Music was used in Greek drama in all of the following ways except:
A chorus commenting on the action
B instrumental interludes
C narratives sung by principal characters
D ensemble finales requiring major characters to sing
3. All of the following are stringed instruments except:
A aulos
B kithara
C lyre
D oud
4. The history of music is a constant alternation between classicism and romanticism. These ideas go back to the ancient Greeks. The god associated with classicism is:
A Hercules
B Athena
C Dionysus
D Apollo
5. All of the following wrote plays that were accompanied by music except:
A Aeschylus
B Boethius
C Sophocles
D Euripides
6. Greek music was largely improvised during performance as opposed to being read from a score:
A True
B False
7. The aulos falls into what family of musical instruments:
A strings
B percussion
C winds
D brass
8. Which Greek writer is associated with the doctrine of ethos:
A Ptolomy
B Aeschylus
C Pythagoras
D Plato
9. The lyre is associated with which Greek god?
10. Treatises on Greek music were either about the philosophy of music or the technical aspects of its construction.

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