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Secular Song in the Middle Ages

1. Goliards were active in the 11th and 12 centuries. The subjects of theirs songs were frequently:
A drinking and romance
B the Crusades
C miracles performed by the Virgin Mary
D miracles performed by St. James
2. A chanson de geste was an epic narrative recounting of the deeds of a famous hero. The most famous one is the national epic of France known as:
A Beowulf
B Song of the Rose
C Song of Roland
D The Ring of Nibelungen
3. Which of the following was likely to come from the upper social classes?
A goliards
B trouveres
C minstrels
D jongleurs
4. "Langue d'oc" refers to:
A southern France
B the Basque country
C Provence
D England
5. The world of the troubadours was destroyed as a result of:
A The Second Crusade
B The Albigensian Crusade
C The Babylonian Captivity
D The Council of Trent
6. Troubadour songs were usually strophic, syllabically set with only a few melismas:
A True
B False
7. The Crusades went on from approximately:
A 1100-1250
B 950-1050
C 1250-1450
D 1618-1648
8. The Cantigas de Santa Maria were associated with pilgrims going to the Spanish cathedral at:
A Toledo
B Santiago de Compostella
C Tarragona
D Montserrat
9. The German counterpart of the troubadour was the Minnesinger. In German, the word Minne meant:
Cshort song
10. A shawm is a medieval instrument closely related to the modern violin.

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